LIVEWELL GREEN is an initiative for promoting the concept of urban gardening in homes and offices. The company is into design flowerpots, manufacturing and distribution of creative pots for setting up indoor garden and kitchen garden.

The company was set up by enthusiasts who love nature and pursue wellbeing through natural living. The Plants are the sources of life and we at LIVEWELL GREEN constantly endeavor to make Plants as an important part of your daily living. Our vision is to provide comprehensive and affordable indoor gardening solutions for homes, offices, shops, hotels, institutions, resorts and community centers. To live as close as to the nature is a common aspiration of many in our community. However, this aspiration comes with many constraints like space, time and cost. We recognize this aspiration and the associated constraints. Thus we constantly innovate to help you decorate your rooms, balconies, office chambers, hallways, corridors, vistor galleries, malls, roof tops and eateries with natural plants to fit the space and your budget. Our products/services are designed to meet your all such requirements for bonding with nature and the community.  We are emerging as one stop super chain for all your indoor and roof top gardening requirements. 

Our product range starts from simple Planters/Flower Pots to more advanced Hydroponics/Aeroponics systems. We rimarily design most of our products and outsource the manufacturing to the Indian and International OEMs. We have introduced a strong quality audit of the products to ensure that every item moving out of our Warehouse adheres to the specifications/standards. The Planters are designed to meet your aesthetic sense besides sustaining the local climatic condition like heat, humidity, soil and water.  We aim to encourage vertical plantation, roof gardening, room gardening, soilless plantation like Hydroponics and Aeroponics.

The initiative is backed by Plant Scientists, Horticulture Specialists and Agricultural Engineers. We are setting up a strong platform to constantly engage with our clients who will be our partners in our quest for affordable gardening solutions. We will engage with the Agricultural Scientists, Farm Experts, Process Engineers to improve the Indoor Gardening techniques/processes and bring the solutions to the communities which are scientifically proven.